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Here are some key advantages & benefits of working exclusively with Si Spain to find and purchase your new Spanish home or investment property:

Honest and Impartial Advice

Unlike the UK, properties in Spain are very rarely offered for sale exclusively through a single agent. All house builders, property developers and private vendors here in Spain often market their properties through multiple agents so are often not tied to exclusivity contracts. Whilst this means many agents can offer you the same choice of properties it doesn't mean they will provide the same level of service. If agents are motivated to sell you a property before their competitors can sell you the same one then you may not always be assured of receiving accurate information or impartial advice. By working with a single agent who understands your requirements it removes this competitive element so you can be assured of receiving accurate information (the pros and the cons for each property) and honest, impartial advice based on your own personal criteria.

Unrivaled Choice from a Single Source

In addition to a huge choice of directly listed developer and privately owned properties we also have a number of key partnership agreements in place with leading local estate agents. By developing and maintaining this network of key developers, leading agents and private owners we can provide you with access to the widest choice of available properties and all through an easy to manage single point of contact.

Accurate Matching of Properties

If you are working at arm's length with multiple agents very few of them will truly know enough about you or your requirements to add any value to your search. This can lead to you wasting time seeing inappropriate properties or even the same property more than once through different agents. As you will probably be restricted to a short 2 or 3 day viewing trip the last thing you want is to waste any time viewing the wrong type of properties or the same property twice. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure we know exactly what you want. We can then utilise our in-depth knowledge of the market and the area to match your criteria with the right properties and locations. We can help make your search easier and more effective and ensure you only see those properties that meet your requirements thus saving you time, effort and ultimately money.

Transparent Service & No Surprises

Some agents may offer you a 3 day inspection trip but might not make it clear how you will be spending your time or what you will be viewing. If they have assumed what is right for you or are just showing you what they have available in their own portfolio then you risk wasting time and money on an unproductive trip. We formulate a shortlist of just those properties that meet with your requirements and check and agree a viewing itinerary with you before you travel. This way you know what to expect when you arrive and know exactly what you will be seeing during your visit. This reduces the risk of you wasting any time and increases the chances of you finding the right property for you.

Purchase Process Support

If you decide to purchase a property with Si Spain then we will be your eyes and ears here in Spain. We oversee the purchase process from start to finish and keep you fully informed at every stage. We make sure any potential issues are resolved quickly and effectively and that everything progresses smoothly.

Legal and Financial Assistance

We have successfully managed 100's of property sales over the years and as a result have a pool of tried, tested and trusted professionals who can provide you with legal and financial services such as:

  • Legal Documentation and Conveyancing
  • Tax & Accounting Services
  • Banking
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance

We are able to make appointments for any of these providers before you travel or at any point during your visit.

Furnishing and Home Improvement Services

We offer a full or partial furnishing service or can simply provide you with the contact details for a large range of local furnishing and home improvement companies:

  • Furniture Stores & Interior Designers
  • Builders, Electricians, Plumbers and Joiners
  • Pool Builders & Maintenance Companies
  • Management Companies
  • General Handy-man Services

Rental & Management Information

In addition to property sales we also offer property rental and management services through our key partners who have been providing these services in the region for many years. As a result we have actual, current and historical data available and can provide you with accurate information on rental incomes and running costs.