On Tuesday the 15th of January, King Filipe VI will declare the new Murcia International Airport open for business. The airport´s full and official name is "Aeropuerto International Region de Murcia Juan de la Cierva" named in honour of the aviation pioneer,Juan de la Cierva, who in the 1920´s, patented the worlds first autogyro (the predecessor of the helicopter). However, for ease I think most people will probably just stick with calling it Corvera or Murcia Airport.

With 16 flights scheduled for the opening day, everything is now in place and ready to ensure all will run smoothly for these first arrivals and departures in and out of the Murcia´s shiney new international airport. The first passengers to pass through Corvera´s new luggage hall will be those on Ryanairs´s 10.25 arrival from East Midlands. They will be closely followed by passengers on an Easyjet flight from Bristol with further UK flights arriving throughout the day from Leeds/Bradford, Stansted, Birmingham, Southend & Luton. Irish clients will also be pleased to know that the first flight from Dublin to Corvera will also be on the 15th with a scheduled Ryanair service arriving at 20.45 and departing back to Dublin at 21.20.

Although during January it will be operating well below its full capacity this impressive, modern, new 9 gate airport is actually equipped to handle one flight every 4 minutes which is great news for the future development of the area. All operational staff will be transferred from San Javier to Corvera on Tuesday morning and over 200 road signs in the area will be changed overnight on the 14th to ensure passengers don't get misdirected to the old airport.

We look forward to greeting some of you at our new airport in the coming months!


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